Sports Business Consulting

About Us

Sports Business Consulting offers specialised services for clients in the business of sport and recreation management. These clients include corporations, organisations, bodies, sporting associations, clubs, boards, directors and not for profit organisations.

Sports Business Consulting has a competitive range of packages fully tailored to the clients business objectives. We specialise in Grants, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Marketing and Management Services.

Sports Business Consulting offers comprehensive professional reporting through to full service management consulting and includes the following services:

  1. Revenue and Fundraising Evaluation (Including Grant Application Assistance packages)  
  2. Sponsorship Evaluation (Sponsorship Brokerage Services, Contract Negotiation)
  3. Government Liason and Consulting (Including Funding, Grants, Lobbying & Licensing)
  4. Marketing, Event Management and Public Relations Strategies 
  5. Advertising Evaluation 
  6. Financial Positioning and Diversification Strategies 
  7. Management Consulting and Organisational Auditing